About Swan Vision Gallery

Swan Vision presents focused exhibitions of contemporary art curated by Cynde Randall to illuminate the living artists’ take on transformational practice, interbeing and alignment with life on planet Earth. The name ‘swan vision’ is an invitation to see through the eyes of an artist or another species. Swan Vision exhibitions will be scheduled from May to November, with four exhibitions presented through the 2018 season. 

About the curator

Cynde Randall is best known for her work in the curatorial department (MAEP) at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, where she helped to produce and present myriad exhibitions of contemporary regional art in a museum context from 1984-2006; and as artistic director of the Minneapolis-based artist collective “Bird x Bird” (2001-10) and her previous gallery in Maiden Rock, called Swan Song Contemporary Arts (2007-12). Randall has written about art for diverse audiences since 1990—serving large institutions, alternative arts spaces and independent artists, alike.

About Santosha Center

Opening summer of 2019, Santosha Center for Yoga, Art and Wellness will be directed by seasoned yoga instructor, Kristina Ahern. The center will offer an array of programs to support the wellness of body, mind and spirit. The Center’s main studio will house Santosha Springs Yoga—providing opportunities for all skill levels, including weekly group classes, individual and therapeutic instruction, study of yoga philosophy, as well as group Vedic chanting, workshops and retreats. For more information visit Santosha Springs Yoga on Facebook or contact Kristina Ahern at 952-261-5178 or ahernkristina@gmail.com